Flat Rate Phone Answering Service uses its own technology, unlike other companies that lease their technology, so you get the same results for around half the cost as other business answering services. Other business phone answering services try to keep their fees down by outsourcing their call centers to other countries. But Flat Rate’s phone answering service keeps its fees down by having lower cost technology.

Flat Rate Phone Answering Service is just that … ONE FLAT RATE for an affordable, live operator who will personally answer all of your phone calls whenever you are busy or unavailable.

Our answering service is provided by a group of call center agents throughout the U.S. After they take the call, the agent will then text or e-mail you with the person’s name, number and message. It’s totally convenient and one winning way to provide your customers with outstanding customer service!  

Some of the many added benefits of our answering service include:

  • We work around the clock 24/7 — so, we’ve got you covered, day or night
  • A FREE toll-free number that you can use to advertise
  • Each and every call answered professionally, personally and courteously
  • 10 xs more efficient than voicemail – both you and your callers will love it!

Give it a shot. Sign up for a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL!

All you have to do is pay a $1 activation fee and that’ll get you a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL with Flat Rate answering service. After your trial period ends, Flat Rate answering service will automatically renew each month for just $39 a month. There’s no contract; you can cancel any time. But with more than 10 years of providing small businesses with impeccable answering service, you’ll see how valuable this business phone answering service is to YOUR business once you give Flat Rate answering service a try!

But with few exceptions.

But once college students reach the very peak of the institution hierarchy – above the 95th %ile – the probability of becoming victimized plummets, Faris stated. So, while the climb to the very best of the cultural ladder can be painful, the top rung presents...
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And is coming to the Governors desk.

Coalition and AARP group urge Governor to enact legislation Legislation that may bring a sweeping reform to the way in which for-profit assisted living facilities operate in Illinois and that will greatly improve the quality of care and safety for institutionalized occupants passed the State...
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The ban resulted in serious shortages of the medication, that was the cornerstone of the three-drug cocktail found in lethal injections. In response to the shortages of the medication, many says substituted compounded anesthetic preparations or instituted other drug protocols, which involved pharmacists in the...
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Honestly speaking.

Hence, it is always advisable for anyone to seek postoperative suggestions from professionals who take care of your case. If you are going to opt for total hip alternative in Kolkata finally, you should get clear directions on how to take proper care of yourself...
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This same reason displays to us why children develop secondary sexual characteristics like pubic locks and the real reason for the deeper voice developed by the males. The other important cause of acne is the activities of the bacteria that live and survive on your...
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Combined with aggressive advertising.

Many countries have a recognised system for self-regulation of pharmaceuticals advertising. Sweden has been organized internationally as a good example. The Swedish pharmaceutical industry's trade organisation appoints an info examiner to monitor the marketing to make sure it doesn't violate established ethical suggestions. There exists...
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A global leader in life science analytical technologies.

AB SCIEX, ARUP enter collaboration to develop new clinical research test methods for hormone analysis AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today announced a collaboration with ARUP Laboratories, a major clinical reference laboratory in the usa, to develop new test methods...
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Achieve Success In THE FITNESS CENTER At Any Age!

Corning’s technology assists accurately determine targets, pathways, and interactions, providing even more biologically relevant data to the drug discovery process. Commenting on the collaboration, Dr. Kasim Mookhtiar, the CSO of Advinus, said, ‘This collaboration on Corning’s Epic technology emphasizes Advinus’ commitment to create exclusive Pharma...
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Rebecca Mister.

Bleeding episodes that did not meet up with the definition of main bleeding were regarded as clinically relevant only when they led to discontinuation of the analysis drug for a lot more than 14 days. With programs developed a priori to subsequently pool the results...
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