Parents' Missed Opportunity: Lax Attitudes and Permissiveness About Rx Drugs Linked to Teen Abuse Parent permissiveness and lax attitudes toward abuse and misuse of Rx medicines, coupled with teens' ease of access to prescription medicines in the house, are key factors associated with teen medication misuse and abuse. The availability of prescription drugs makes them that much easier to abuse. The new survey findings tension that teens are more likely to abuse Rx medications if they believe their parents don't treatment as much if indeed they get caught using prescription medications, without a doctor's prescription, than they do if indeed they get caught using illegal medications.For example, companies wanting to educate patients about cancer diagnosis and innovative treatment options may ultimately come to the conclusion that the online channel often provides probably the most efficient usage of a targeted target audience of disease information seekers. Finally, capturing details at the point of engagement, such as soon after diagnosis, can provide an opportunity to build a romantic relationship and can truly drive an individual CRM relationship plan that may continue for weeks or years to come. Five Emerging Trends about European Consumer and Physician Use of New Media 1.