This same reason displays to us why children develop secondary sexual characteristics like pubic locks and the real reason for the deeper voice developed by the males. The other important cause of acne is the activities of the bacteria that live and survive on your skin. These bacteria discharge harmful chemicals that cause inflammation and inflammation which will be the major symptoms of pimples. There is therefore no doubt that these bacterias provide a condition essential for the development of acne.Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and their activation by toll-like receptors are believed to are likely involved in systemic sclerosis. Inflammatory and CXCL4 Adjustments in Skin To examine the possible role of CXCL4 in vivo, we used a described murine subcutaneous-pump model recently.25 The subcutaneous administration of CXCL4 for 7 days resulted in a marked infiltration of inflammatory cells in the dermis and subdermis, as compared with that seen in mice infused with phosphate-buffered saline as a control . Furthermore, CXCL4 administration led to a significant increase in the thickness of dermal and subdermal layers after 7 days .