This roofing seals the hole, provides an insulating airspace between the two layers of plastic material and allows the suns rays to penetrate creating a warm, steady environment for plant development. The Institute proceeds with a conclusion of the way the earth acts like a battery, storing heat during the day while releasing it during cooler nighttime temperatures: Energy and light from sunlight enter the Walipini through the plastic material covered roof and so are reflected and absorbed through the entire underground structure. By using translucent material, plastic instead of glass, plant development is improved as specific rays of the light spectrum that inhibit plant development are filtered out.And, most importantly, they are designed with guidance that is easy to put into action for doctors and health care professionals in actually the most impoverished areas. On December 17 by the Journal of Clinical Hypertension in the U The guidelines were first published.S. And the Journal of Hypertension in European countries. They will also appear in medical journals across Latin America and also have been endorsed by the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension. The rules have already been translated to French, Creole and Spanish, and there are plans to keep translations for populations across the globe. These guidelines have already been written to offer a straightforward method of managing hypertension locally. We are so proud to have created a set of guidelines which will help not merely doctors but also sufferers understand their disease and the treatment they receive, says Dr.