55 percent of adult population in Greater Washington, DC say they’ll not get H1N1 flu vaccine, reveals poll results Plank of Trade Concerned for Workforce Health and Economic Implications Fifty-five % of the adult people in the Greater Washington, DC region say they shall not get the H1N1 flu vaccine, according to a fresh poll commissioned by the Greater Washington Plank of Trade. The poll, conducted by Washington, DC-structured Clarus Study Group and sponsored by Tatum LLC, discovered that more than one-third of parents with kids living in the home do not plan on getting the H1N1 flu vaccine this year. ‘The Greater Washington business community includes a long way to go to be better prepared for a swine flu outbreak,’ said Jim Dinegar, president and CEO of the higher Washington Panel of Trade ed medicine .

In monkeys and mice, the nanoparticle-based vaccine triggered the animals’ immune system to release powerful antibodies against Epstein-Barr, according to a study published Aug. 13 in the journal Cell. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles being investigated as potential delivery vehicles for vaccines. The new results suggest that this may be a promising approach for developing an Epstein-Barr virus vaccine for people, according to researchers led by virologist Dr. Jeffrey Cohen at the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illnesses . While the ongoing work is promising, there is still quite a distance to go before a vaccine that presents guarantee in mice and non-human primates will be ready for effective and safe protection of individuals, said infectious disease expert Dr.