In just a single day, facial muscles agreement and release a large number of times producing tiny movements. These tiny motions stretch your skin over the muscle groups and as the skin loses a few of its elasticity as time passes, these continuous stretches have a tendency to form lines and wrinkles and lines. Up to now, the most popular strategy for countering this effect has been the Botox injection treatment which works by injecting the Botulinum Toxin using areas of the face. This toxin can prevent the facial muscles from responding to the nerves when a signal is released for a micro-movement. In this way, hundreds of tiny motions are prevented from occurring, resulting to a smoother appearance of your skin without good lines or wrinkles.However the result will be well worth the effort. SELF-HYPNOSIS This is a brilliant strategy to help control your thought procedures by channeling your negative thoughts into more positive types. Self-hypnosis is preferred by psychiatrists as a very important technique in the treating panic disorders and other panic disorders. Once again, you will have to get help in how to use the technique, and, you’ll receive better at it as you practise even more.