Authorities to be used toward further development of a high-energy X-ray source for Homeland Protection applications. The grant will fund the advancement of a next era, compact X-ray resource with unprecedented features bundled with a high-energy linear accelerator. Stage one of the project, that was also funded by a youthful SBIR grant, in June 2010 and included the analysis and design of the main subsystems for the prototype was completed. Phase two will contain the advancement of the prototype that’s intended to be used as a critical component of cargo scanning systems by the Department of Homeland Protection.Separation anxiety generally peaks between ages 9-18 weeks and fades before their second birthday. Stranger anxiousness is a result of distress with a child encounters a stranger. By the end of the period, most babies reach the following milestones: Motor Skills Gets in and out of a sitting placement Gets independently on hands-and-knees placement and crawlsPulls self up to standing position, walks securing to home furniture, stands without support and, eventually, takes a few steps without support and begins to walkUses pincer grasp Places items into container and will take them out of container Begins to do more functional activities, such as for example keep a spoon or convert pages in a reserve Language Skills Says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and uses these conditions specifically referring to a mother or father Uses exclamations such as ‘oh-oh!’ Attempts to imitate terms and could say first phrase Uses basic gestures, such as shaking mind for ‘no’ or waving for ‘bye-bye’ Plays interactive gesture games, such as for example peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake Social/Emotional Skills Easily finds hidden items Uses objects correctly such as holding telephone up to ear or drinking from a cup Is shy around strangersCries when mom or dad leaves.

AP investigation: US hospitals nowhere close to ready for Ebola Should pockets of Ebola suddenly start to break out over the U.S., hospitals and severe care facilities would be quickly overwhelmed and struggling to handle the massive influx of sufferers and those who believe that they might have the disease.