Family premiums for employer-sponsored healthcare will increase 40 percent within the next few years and double by 2016. The Senate healthcare reform bill would: lower drug costs; help the uninsured and businesses have significantly more affordable access to health insurance; hold insurers more accountable to customers; protect selection of doctors; and keep down the costs of coverage. AARP has committed to making the final health care reform package even stronger by working to completely close the Medicare Component D doughnut hole as the Senate costs can be merged with the House bill.AASLD looks forward to – – and its own members work diligently to realize – – the day when an all-oral, interferon-free, shortened treatment may be used to eradicate the virus from individuals with hepatitis C. As research in hepatitis C continues, the fight hepatitis B does so too, and AASLD people are in the forefront of these battles. We are proud to partner with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others at HHS wherever there is an opportunity to raise knowing of both hepatitis B and C. Might is Hepatitis Awareness Month. May 2013 is the second anniversary of the National Viral Hepatitis Actions Plan.