Acadia Healthcare closes AmiCare and BCA acquisitions Acadia Healthcare Firm, Inc. today announced that it completed the previously announced acquisitions of Behavioral Centers of America, On December 31 LLC and AmiCare Behavioral Centers, 2012. In addition, Acadia has extended and expanded its senior secured credit service. The credit facility now includes a $300 million term mortgage and a $100 million revolving credit facility, compared previously with $150 million and $75 million, respectively. Furthermore, the interest rate for the credit service, which matures in December 2017, is currently 100 basis points lower at Libor plus 3.25 percent.0 million from the Company's latest sale of common share, were used to invest in the AmiCare and BCA acquisitions.AMP Citrate offers proven to be so effective that it is now commonly known as the next DMAA. While AMP Citrate can chemically be synthesized, the ongoing companies who produce it claim that it originates from a Chinese tea called Pouchong. The comparisons between AMP Citrate and DMAA come from the fact that both are very similar in structure. DMAA contains a supplementary carbon that models it aside from 1,3-dimethylbutylamine, however in essence these two compounds are the same essentially. Body builders have long been looking for a alternative to DMAA, and AMP Citrate appears to be it. When used small dosages, AMP Citrate functions as a stimulant to the central nervous system, and will deliver an increase in concentrate and energy, and also boosting your metabolism. The presssing issue with DMAA was that its structural make-up was very similar to amphetamines, which generally resulted in false drug tests.