We are pleased to join forces with Accumetrics in the distribution of the VerifyNow Program in the Spanish, Portuguese and Chilean marketplaces. This system flawlessly complements Grifols’ Hemostasis line of products and aligns with our marketing and sales strategy, added Ramon Riera, Vice President of Grifols S.A.. Accumetrics signs a distribution agreement with Grifols for its VerifyNow Program in Spain, Chile and Portugal Accumetrics, Inc.A nonsignificant trend toward a lower incidence of recurrence of atrial fibrillation was obvious in the valsartan group among the 114 patients who offered heart failure or remaining ventricular dysfunction . Basic safety The study medication was permanently discontinued in 107 of the patients in the valsartan group and 76 of those in the placebo group . Of the discontinuations, 26 in the valsartan group and 12 in the placebo group were attributed to adverse medication reactions . Serious effects occurred in two patients in the valsartan group . The proportion of patients who got at least one doubling of the serum creatinine level or who acquired a serum creatinine level that was higher than 3.5 mg per deciliter . The proportion of patients in whom at least one measurement of the serum potassium level was greater than 5.5 mmol per liter through the follow-up period was 5.6 percent in the valsartan group and 2.4 percent in the placebo group .