Corning’s technology assists accurately determine targets, pathways, and interactions, providing even more biologically relevant data to the drug discovery process. Commenting on the collaboration, Dr. Kasim Mookhtiar, the CSO of Advinus, said, ‘This collaboration on Corning’s Epic technology emphasizes Advinus’ commitment to create exclusive Pharma R & D solutions in India also to explore brand-new and cutting-edge systems to enhance our drug discovery features. We are excited about the opportunities this will open for our clients and for our relationship with Corning in the area of enhanced drug discovery.’ ‘This collaboration highlights the growing adoption of label-free technology and the biological insights it allows in drug discovery analysis,’ said Ron Verkleeren, director, Advanced Lifestyle Sciences.Takeda may be the inventor and developer of ACTOS, which was launched commercially in the U.S. In 1999. ACTOS, as labeled, is an best suited and effective treatment choice for many people coping with type 2 diabetes. Since its launch, more than 100 million ACTOS family members prescriptions have already been written, covering a lot more than 10 million patients. In clinical trials using ACTOS in monotherapy, the most common adverse events were higher respiratory tract infection, headaches, sinusitis, myalgia, tooth disorder, aggravated diabetes mellitus, and pharyngitis.

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