Oversupply of growth hormone stimulates liver, fat and kidney cells to produce excess levels of Insulin-Like Growth Element I , which causes abnormal growth of the bones of the tactile hands, feet and face and bodily organs. Most commonly affects adults in middle age group Acromegaly. The disease is rare and is found in about 85 people atlanta divorce attorneys million in the US and Europe . Why can acromegaly be life threatening? If left untreated, can cause complications that are potentially life threatening acromegaly. Body organs such as the heart and kidneys may become enlarged causing them to fail. Other complications include coronary disease, diabetes, and the risk of certain cancers.These symptoms, referred to as LUTS are caused by BPH, which is the benign enlargement of the prostate gland. Guys with severe LUTS may be at an increased risk of kidney failure, so talk to your doctor about treatment plans. Sexual Health Erectile Dysfunction: About one half of American males older than 50 have some amount of ED, the inability to accomplish or maintain an erection. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your doctor concerning this condition.