Andrew J. Vickers, attending analysis methodologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NY and the lead writer of the study, told the paper. However when you try to answer the question the correct way, as we do, you get very clear answers. We think there’s firm evidence assisting acupuncture for the treating chronic pain, he said. For those who are not sure of the procedure, acupuncturists use small, sterilized needles, inserted at various places on your body to stimulate acupoints, which in turn create a variety of results.This end point was designed to be pragmatic and to reflect reasonable outcomes for a general public health approach and overall patient well-being. The protocol specified an analysis of the primary end point at 96 weeks, but patients were to be followed for 144 weeks.001).14 At their last conference following the last week 96 visit, committee associates recommended that the monotherapy group be halted on the basis of the substantially inferior degree of viral-load suppression at week 96.