The universe included eleven Medicare plans, serving 2.9 million members which 1.2 million were Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare comprised 55.0 percent of the revenues of these plans. Including all universes polled by Sherlock Firm, its benchmarks reflect the results of plans serving 22 percent of all Medicare health program membership. Under health care reform, payments are expected to decline from previously payment methodologies. Also, beginning in 2014, Medicare-focused plans will be at the mercy of minimum medical loss ratio regulation. Regarding to Douglas B. Sherlock, CFA, Sherlock Company’s president, ‘The decline in marketing costs may reflect wellness plan uncertainty about the program plus a soft economy.It’s worth noting that blue greens have got a lot of nutrients but very little calories, which will make it this ideal superfood. * Help in lowering the blood pressure. * Consist of a high amount of proteins and help in keeping blood sugar in control. Also helpful in cleansing the body so those who are fasting may take it without the qualms. * Aid the development of intestinal bacterias, which is good for digestion. * Reduce bad boost and cholesterol great cholesterol. * Assist in overcoming bad breath Blue green algae likewise have a few unwanted effects so care should be taken when consuming them because sometimes it could cause headaches, flushing and sweating.