Aetna is three years ahead of the curve. We’ve proven results that display coordinated care leads to better outcomes,’ says Randy Krakauer, M.D., Aetna’s nationwide Medicare medical director. ACO benefits are a actuality at Aetna Aetna extended the team of people who support Aetna’s Medicare Advantage members. In addition they helped doctors and members use personal health records as a communications and monitoring tool. Aetna helped pair the doctor groups with specialists after that, community and hospitals sociable services such as condition departments on Aging for in-home services, home-delivered meals, caregiver support and respite care, and other community services.At that point they have you caught in a internet of fear. They know exactly how this ongoing works. They use fear to sell their services. A variety of organizations use fear to control people. Some of them are governments; others are medical associations. Many of them exist in the healthcare industry. Fear is suitable when it’s accurate. For example, we should be concerned about the consequences of poisoning our global environment. That is clearly a reasonable fear that can help spur us into actions to safeguard ourselves. Fear has a purpose in the proper context, but when it is thrown on your lap by a tumor doctor and used as a recruiting device, it is being used in a unethical method highly. Actually, in those cases it is totally inaccurate because even though you may just have six months to live based on his experience with Western medicine, you cannot be told by that doctor how long you might live under some other system of medicine.