Consult your doctor if you fail to decide on the type of a dietary supplement to take. A key tip to staying healthy and young is to eat nuts. Nuts are a great snack and a fantastic food to avoid the signals of aging. Nuts are loaded with anti-aging fats and so are great resources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Just be careful when consuming nuts to consume them in moderation because they’re high in calories. The next time you go to the shop, appear in the facial treatment section for anti-aging products.Marketing campaign launched to motivate Americans practice healthy practices to avoid the spread of H1N1 flu The Department of Health and Human Services, the Section of Homeland Security, the Department of Sesame and Education Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Road, have teamed up to start a new, national public service advertising campaign designed to encourage American children and families to practice healthy habits and to take steps to prevent the spread of the 2009 2009 H1N1 flu virus.