I’ve known two women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. One beat it and inspires many people by informing her tale. Sadly, my other friend did not make it. She left out a beautiful three year old girl and an incredible husband. She was one of the most amazing women I have ever endured the pleasure of understanding and I support breast cancer research in honor of her. I highly encourage others to do the same because I want to end the grief.The viral Nef protein ratchets down the activation of critical agents of immunity called T cells pursuing SIV infection, thereby limiting the detrimental effects otherwise caused by chronically solid immune activation. The HIV-1 Nef proteins, and those of its closest related simian infections, however, lack this protective function, leaving those contaminated susceptible to the heightened immune activation connected with progression to full-blown Helps, reports Frank Kirchhoff of the University of Ulm in Germany and his co-workers. ‘Nef-mediated suppression of T cell activation is definitely a fundamental property or home of primate lentiviruses that most likely evolved to keep viral persistence in the context of an intact web host disease fighting capability,’ the researchers said.