Alliance between disability advocates, Bush administration officials helped develop system to encourage home care for Medicaid beneficiaries NPR’s ‘Morning hours Edition’ on Fri examined how an ‘unlikely alliance’ between a group of disability advocates and Bush administration officials led to a significant change to federal financing for long-term treatment of Medicaid beneficiaries . HHS in July announced plans to award $1.75 billion in grants to states under a five-year plan that could allow Medicaid beneficiaries to reside within their homes or in their communities, than in nursing homes rather read article .

Around 25 percent of our VN segment and 20 percent of our PC segment procedures are located in the northeastern U.S. , october 2012 areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy which struck in late.02 as a result of business disruptions due to Hurricane Sandy primarily in our New Connecticut and Jersey marketplaces. Net provider revenues for the fourth quarter were $86.6 million, a 3 percent reduce from $89.3 million reported in the fourth quarter of 2011, primarily as a result of the VN segment's Medicare rate cut.7 million, or $0.40 per diluted share, down from fourth quarter of 2011 net income of $5.3 million, or $0.57 per diluted talk about. The effective tax price for the fourth one fourth of 2012 increased to 40.1 percent from 38.0 percent for the fourth quarter of 2011, primarily due to the shift of revenue to says with higher tax prices and the lack of tax credits.