To date, Bristol-Myers Squibb has chosen two compounds out of this program for acceptance to initiate Phase I studies. The two companies will continue to evaluate additional substances under this collaboration to build up improved treatments for diseases of the central anxious system . Per terms of the contract, AMRI is potentially eligible to receive up to $66 million per substance in development and regulatory milestone obligations for the first two compounds, and extra potential payments of up to $22 million per substance on subsequent compounds. Furthermore, AMRI will receive royalties on worldwide sales of commercialized compounds.. AMRI receives $750,000 milestone payment from Bristol-Myers Squibb AMRI announced today a third compound being developed under its permit and research agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Business will proceed into preclinical development.5. Concentrate on what works Have there been situations in your marriage whenever your sex life was even more passionate? Yes, I understand, in the beginning. Newness amuck makes hormones run. That is not the full case any longer. So test your marriage beyond the beginning. Ask yourself, ‘What was different about the days when my spouse was interested in sex?’ See if any of the circumstances are reproducible. Then do that. 6. Touch affectionately without thinking sex is imminent Women frequently complain that their husbands hardly ever contact them unless they want sex.