Doctors put vision drops in the eye that dilate the pupils. The drops numb the muscles that control the expansion and contraction of the iris. Thus, it remains in the expanded state. As the central opening gets widened, eye professionals in Bangalore can clearly look the inner parts. * The examination: Special magnifying lens can be used for looking at the retina, the macula, tissues and blood vessels. They also appear t the optic nerve and check if there is any abnormality. Swelling, swelling, abnormal change or growth in the color or texture of the internal parts indicates vision problems. Doctors do additional investigations if needed and prescribe the procedure.And, Advaxis lately announced the receipt of a $210,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to support this extensive research.. AHF denies BMS sales reprepresentatives usage of healthcare centers Today AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced that it offers banned pharmaceutical sales representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb from contacting AHF’s medical suppliers and staff in its sixteen U.S. Health care centers. The decision is based on BMS’ refusal to lessen the price of its key Helps medication Reyataz for cash-strapped AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. However, BMS offers refused to do its part.S. Homayoon Khanlou, M.D. State: As AHF offers repeatedly pointed out to BMS regarding this problem, the high price charged for Reyataz is certainly adding to a crisis that has left thousands of patients without access to lifesaving AIDS treatment.