I am thankful for the healing power of herbal products. My children of five recovered from the h1n1 virus only using herbal products and homeopathic remedies. thankful for the present of intuition and discernment:) I am thankful that i found out about the new world order. Easily didint i would have no idea how they want to kill us through our food and drink. I am thankful for organic food, invert osmosis and organic cleaning and toiletries products. And im greatful for a book called Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Frnacis that helped me live this new way of living of which im currently noticing the benefits! no more illuminati drink and food for me! There’s a 98 percent need, but only a 2 percent awareness.At a decade, the cumulative incidence of local recurrence was 6.7 percent in the control group in comparison with 6.2 percent in the hypofractionated-radiation group ; that is, we have 97.5 percent confidence that the hypofractionated regimen is no worse compared to the control program by 2.5 %age factors. The test of the null hypothesis that the accelerated regimen would be worse compared to the regular treatment was rejected and only noninferiority . In addition to the 83 invasive recurrences, there have been 13 cases of non-invasive local recurrences : 6 cases in the control group and 7 in the hypofractionated-radiation group. At 10 years, the cumulative incidence of invasive or non-invasive local recurrence was 7.5 percent in the control group in comparison with 7.4 percent in the hypofractionated-radiation group .