All rights reserved.. AU Summit concentrating on maternal, child wellness begins in Uganda Delegations found its way to Kampala, Uganda, for the beginning of the 15th African Union Summit, monday which begins, the Daily Monitor reviews . The summit will address various issues, including health, infrastructure and food security. It will tackle security issues in Somalia also, Uganda’s foreign ministry stated in a declaration, CNN reports . The theme is certainly maternal and child wellness. [which] is normally intertwined with food security and nutrition security. Therefore, as the Ministry of Agriculture, we shall be playing an integral role, especially in the medial side events which we will be addressing food and nourishment, Hope Mwesigye, Uganda’s minister for agriculture, animal fisheries and industry, told VOA News ahead of the summit .Researchers record that in subsequent pregnancies 56 percent of newborns required treatment for hemolytic anemia. Most RhD negative ladies become sensitized with their 1st or second born child. The majority of immunizations happen before delivery and the regularity of hemolytic disease in subsequent pregnancies can be high, concludes Dr. Tiblad. Based on our results, at least half of the situations of anemia could have been avoided by adding anti-D prophylaxis at the start of the third trimester. .. A beautiful external bolsters your self-esteem and thereby helps maintain you healthy A beautiful outside bolsters your self-esteem and helps maintain you healthy thereby.