To critics, freedom is to feel that you are good enough as you are, not to have to live up to some ideal of beauty. Naturalness, to advocates, is to be able to choose a physical body that appears natural, that you feel good in, though it had been created by surgical operation even. To critics, bodies that have not undergone aesthetic surgery are more natural. Wellness, finally, is associated with mental and self-esteem well-being. To advocates of aesthetic medical procedures, this is achieved specifically by correcting your imperfections and sense that you are a far more gorgeous person.There’s a biology there we need to work more to understand.’ The scholarly study, published Sept. 28 in the journal Heart, focused on 555 people treated for cancer at Vienna General Hospital in Austria. Before any treatment was begun by the patients that may have damaged their heart, experts performed a panel of tests to check on for signs of cardiovascular disease in their blood. The assessments looked at blood levels of many heart-related hormones, some proteins associated with inflammation, and a chemical called high sensitive troponin that regulates heart muscle contractions.