An affected tooth could be improved with a porcelain veneer, which can be used to cover the broken tooth to boost its form and sometimes, its work as well.. Benefits of Porcelain Veneers A smile is manufactured attractive by a number of aspects. A healthy-looking smile is composed of white teeth that are correctly aligned without crookedness, and without unsightly areas that can make the smile look unhealthy. Cosmetic dentistry remedies such as tooth whitening and orthodontics focus on solving the imperfections of a smile to make it look more gorgeous. However, in cases when additional treatments may not work or quick enough effectively, to bring about the required cosmetic dentistry results, dental care veneers are used to instead improve the smile.Slides were incubated with murine monoclonal antibody H5332, which is directed against the outer-surface proteins A of B. Burgdorferi sensustricto, or with monoclonal antibody H9724, which can be directed against the flagellin of borrelia species. The slides had been examined by means of epifluorescence microscopy at a magnification of 400 times. Samples were examined by way of dark-field microscopy twice weekly for evidence of multiplication, and blind passages to new moderate were designed for 6 weeks.