Cheers to that! Image by jenny downing via Flickr Creative Commons.. Biomedical researchers certainly are a bunch of wine snobs. There, I said it. Most of these relate to alcoholism, including a emotional experiment regarding a simulated video game of beer pong. Branding is certainly everything, and, among scientists, beer has a bad rap. Norwegian scientists actually found that drinking wines improves cognition. Beer, however, apparently places you at risk for malaria and rectal tumors. Most it’s been linked to psoriasis recently. Where are the scientists ready to stand up for the mother-beverage? There is some hope to be within a letter to Emergency Medicine Australasia, where in fact the authors relate the case of a 65-year-old man who suffered burns across 40 percent of his body after dropping into a garden fire.Here are 7 of them. 1. Elevated Energy – Who couldn’t use a power boost? Our fast-paced society leaves us on small sleep and no down time. Acai Balance’s powerful antioxidants eliminate toxins, departing you invigorated and full of energy. No more will you be dragging you to ultimately work every morning. Instead, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and you will not crash through the middle of the day. 2. Improved Digestion – Poor digestion can lead to many health issues. Processed foods could be difficult to break down, and they can keep behind harmful toxins in you digestive track. Acai Balance uses natural herbs to help your body breakdown and digest meals effectively.