Bosch and Aethon Group announce new partnership deal Aethon, Inc online drugstore ., the leading developer of cellular robotics for hospital source chain logistics, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Bosch Group which includes an purchase of $5 million through its venture arm, Robert Bosch CAPITAL RAISING GmbH . Along with additional contributions from its existing investors, Aethon brought in a total of $6.6 million in new capital to fuel its growth through product sales expansion and new product development. Aethon has grown significantly since its launch into the commercial market in 2005 with TUG robotic systems right now providing multi-division logistic delivery solutions for more than 100 hospitals nationwide.

These decisions are influenced by the degree and development of the routine scientific use of the technique and related reimbursement requests from doctors, scientific data and the inclusion of the technique in leading clinical suggestions. During the period, the ongoing company provides reinforced its organisation concentrating on cost reimbursement and clinical development. The business’s sales in European countries and Asia are showing a certain amount of recovery. The competitive scenario in Europe is likely to become more favourable over the year because of the company’s effective defence of its patents and the acquisition of FENO resources from FILT of Germany.