But some people are resistant: they become infected but not ill. Wiersinga found a genetic cause for this resistance. He discovered can repel the Toll receptor B. Pseudomallei. He did this by breeding mice DNA in which for for Toll2 production and off. The group in which the gene has been turned off for Toll2 survived the bacterial infection, says Wiersinga. The other receptor that we investigated had no effect. Though in the past 10 years medics had regarded this as the most important receptor The ultimate goal of this study develop a vaccine.

Unravelling Gene against bacterial attackThe people have an innate defense system against deadly bacteria. But how the step from gene to anti – bacterial effect occurs in the body is not yet known. Until then, B. Pseudomallei, a bacteria for biological weapons, managed to deprive medicine. It may be hidden in the body over many years, by the immune system by the immune system. The bacteria can be suddenly activated and spread throughout the body, which the patient died of sepsis. AMC physician Joost Wiersinga and the Laboratory of Experimental Internal Medicine discovered which gene-protein combination makes the lethal bacteria B. Pseudomallei harmless..1 335 bullying hits just as hard.

School bullying non for leave physical bumps and bruises, contribute order an enemy and potentially hazardous school setting. An behavior which harms intentionally to another person, through the manipulation social relationships , is as important an issue for juvenile psychosocial development of and mental health, according Dr. Sara Goldstein from Montclair State University and her colleagues of the University of Michigan. Your study1, published this month in the Springer Journal Journal of Youth and Adolescence that youths, the high levels of relational aggression their school perform, less sure, and less satisfaction with of general social atmosphere of the school -.

Most of the research been overlooking for of aggression in school has focused physically and verbally damaging behavior such as hitting, pushing and abuse. This study examined as another forms of the aggression Objective sacrificial links and peer standing may result to school -related problems. Unlike other work in this field, he sees also from the effects on tools relational aggression , rather than simply focussing on the victim. There an strong evidence for relational aggression with social anxiety, loneliness and depression, the 10th peer problems and drugs.