But once college students reach the very peak of the institution hierarchy – above the 95th %ile – the probability of becoming victimized plummets, Faris stated. So, while the climb to the very best of the cultural ladder can be painful, the top rung presents a secure perch above the fray. Why are these very popular adolescents less vunerable to bullying? If position were money, they would be like Costs Gates – their positions are protected, Faris said.Less common had been heterotopic ossification of the proximal femurs , widening of the clavicles , metaphyseal erosions of the very long bones , and multiple osteolytic skull lesions . Three patients experienced cervical vertebral fusion secondary to collapsing vertebral osteolytic lesions . Bone-biopsy specimens had been sterile; histologic analysis revealed purulent osteomyelitis, fibrosis, and sclerosis . Cerebral vasculitis or vasculopathy was found in one individual on magnetic resonance imaging . No patients had fever, but elevations of the erythrocyte sedimentation price and C-reactive protein amounts were marked.