A significant decline in concussion symptoms – – such as for example problems with working storage – – was seen among young sufferers between the initial and second assessment. However, no such decrease in symptoms was seen in older patients, Chen and co-workers said in a information release from the Radiological Culture of North America. The results suggest that [concussion] might trigger a more profound and lasting impact in older patients, research co-author Dr. Ying-Chi Tseng, of Shuang-Ho Hospital, stated in the news release. The findings could lead to the advancement of targeted treatments for specific age groups of concussion patients, based on the researchers. Concussion accounts for 75 % of most traumatic brain accidental injuries, the researchers described in the news headlines release..However, by transplanting follicular units it can be ensured that the hair grows in the same design. 1 to 4 follicles are used to make these systems including tissues, nerves, arteries and the supporting cells. With help of microscope and latest technologies the best hair transplant cosmetic surgeon in India will make sure that follicular units will remain intact to achieve highly natural effects from the surgery. The receiver location for the follicular models is made by applying a needle to create small holes in the top.