The breadth and scope of these projects conceived by these young researchers is very extraordinary. The Steering Committee is extremely pleased that these projects will highlight the objective of the ENTELLIGENCE program, to foster the advancement of professions in academic medicine centered on improving the treatment and analysis of pulmonary hypertension. We are grateful to Actelion for creating and financing this scheduled program, which is now in its 6th year, and looking much better than ever. Oudiz, MD, ENTELLIGENCE Steering Committee Chairman and Professor of Medication and Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic at the LA Biomedical Study Institute at Harbor-UCLA INFIRMARY.Traditional engineering theories, like continuum mechanics, which engineers possess utilized for over a hundred years to create new devices, breakdown in nanotechnology. We need to teach students extra physical now, chemical, biological, and statistical concepts that govern nanotechnology. The institute shall help us incorporate nanotechnology into our educational applications, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today, GW is the largest organization of advanced schooling in Washington, D.C. The university gives comprehensive programs of graduate and undergraduate liberal arts study in addition to degree programs in medicine, public health, laws, engineering, education, business, and international affairs.