Downie, M.D. – Montclair, NJ Top 10 Aesthetic Companies 2013 1. Biophora 2. Custom SKINCARE DRx 4. Mybody 6. Angel Marino Beautiful Beauty 7. Vitality Institute Medical Products 9. SkinPhD, Inc. 10. Ameriderm Med Top Dental practitioner 2013 William Dorfman, D.D.S. – Los Angeles, CA Best Medical Aesthetic Experts 2013 1. Sylvia Sylvestri R.N. – Beverly Hills, CA 2. Aaron A. Furey, P.A. – Marina Del Rey, CA.. ALCAT Laboratory introduces compatibility screening to over 130 new functional foods and medicinal herbs Millions of people use herbal products and functional foods to treat countless ailments, from hemorrhoids and hiccups, to balance hormones and stimulate libido.Contained in these actions, Cordon has entered right into a license agreement with Nature Technology Corporation and offers contracted VGXI Inc. In the US for production of scientific material for the Phase I study scheduled to begin later this year. NTC has designed secure specifically, minimalised and antibiotic-free selection vectors, which offer superior expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. These vectors have already been designed to comply with US Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency regulatory assistance. The usage of this vector improves the overall good thing about the vaccine by traveling the in vivo transcription and translation of the genetic material. The assistance from US and European regulatory bodies seeks to get rid of nonessential sequences and to avoid use of antibiotic level of resistance genes where feasible.