It really is reassuring to sufferers and transplant professionals to see that individual outcomes are not suffering from the timing of the transplant. The authors, including Drs. Orman, Hayashi, Gerber and Dellon, all from UNC, attribute basic safety procedures, such as appropriate staffing for weekends and night, for the positive influence on patient outcomes, and suggest further research exploring specific time of transplants and available personnel is required to stay vigilant of outcomes with off-hour transplants.. After hours and weekend transplants usually do not adversely affect patient or graft survival A new study, funded partly by a grant from the National Institutes of Health , shows that liver transplants performed during the night or on weekends usually do not adversely have an effect on graft or individual survival.Because of this backwards and forwards , you may become disappointed. This is why I urge just weighing yourself once per week and writing it down. Monitoring this will give you an improved picture of your real weight loss and maintain you on the right track. Schedule Exercise. It’s easy to say ‘I’m going to the gym today’, but sometimes it requires more to do this actually. Scheduling this part of your day that you will be at the gym and leaving the fitness center are an significant component of achieving your objective and abiding by your weight loss plan.