Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Works with Genetic Engineering and Corporate Farming Agriculture Secretary Nominee Tom Vilsack is certainly a two-term Iowa governor and a trial attorney . He sailed through his confirmation hearing the other day for the position of Agriculture Secretary, but he will not enjoy the same reputation with consumers and growers of organic foods. On the same day time that Barack Obama became the 44th president of the US, Tom Vilsack was unanimously confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. The confirmation procedure that Vilsack and his other cabinet peers have lately gone through is fairly simple. After being announced, the nominee undergoes a committee hearing then.

16), and both PKC and PKD target these proteins. Further analysis of the PKD-responsive residues on cTnI and cMyBP-C as well as the cMyBP-C Ser273 and Ser282 sites were examined with phospho-specific antibodies. 6B). The more likely explanation may be the presence of a phosphatase inhibitor in radiolabeling studies but not in the Western analysis . 6C,E). 6D,E). 6F).. Representative phosphorimage showing. .. Solid lines within each blot suggest a separation of samples on the same blot. Raw blot and gel pictures for basal and PHE treatments in this panel can be found in Supplemental Figure 3. Phosphorylated Ser273 isn’t detected in these experiments and calA is not within these experiments and in the quantitative analysis shown in panel B.