‘Only new measurements will tell us. ‘.. Interestingly, the the study of the atmosphere of 55 Cnc e might. In fact, another team of astronomers indepently announced last Friday, April 29th, the detection of transits of the same planet with other MOST space telescope[2]. This team observed at a different wavelength than Spitzer, and their measured planet radius is 1.3 times smaller. ‘A possible explanation for this discrepancy would be the presence of a giant molecular enveloppe be degassed by the the planet the planet appear bigger for Spitzer,’says Demory.

‘We might on the planet a’naked Neptune ‘similar to similar to Neptune, just that there is no gazeous envelope of hydrogen above the ice shell, ‘says Brice – Olivier Demory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , the first author of the paper describing the discovery[1]. ‘But the analogy with Neptune stops here. 55 Cnc e is more than 1900 times closer to its star than Neptune to the Sun on this short distance, the planet is literally baked by the intense radiation from the star ‘.. Made the discovery Spitzer Space Telescope Detects the shadow of a ‘super-Earth ‘In Front Of A Nearby Sun In The Zodiac sign CancerSpitzer NASA satellites detected the crossing of a solid planet from a star only 42 light-years away in the zodiac sign of Cancer.Talecris is, with annual sales of approximately U.S. $ in the year 2007, located in the biotech hub at Research Triangle Park, and has more than 4,000 talented people around the world.

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