Recalls happen for a wide variety of reasons that may include sterility worries, undeclared active ingredients, or unanticipated unwanted effects. Recalls can also be initiated by a variety of entities, like the FDA, producer, or compounding pharmacy. This information can help patients decide whether a new medication must be substituted, or whether the recall was limited to a specific lot of their drug. The FDA website or another on the web drug recall source can give patients more insight into the nature of a particular recall.The SF-36 evaluates eight dimensions of wellness aggregated into two summary measures: a mental component score and a physical component score.6 We also calculated the physical component rating with deaths included.7 The EQ-5D includes a five-item questionnaire used to generate an index score, with U.S.8 Erectile function was assessed with the use of the previously validated International Index of Erectile Function .9 Questionnaires had been completed by the sufferers and reviewed for completeness by study personnel. Statistical Analysis The study began in October 2002 and was reconfigured in 2005, as previously described.5 For the revised plan, including 5 years of enrollment plus 4 years of follow-up, we calculated a sample of 872 patients would provide 80 percent capacity to detect a 25 percent relative reduction in mortality at a two-sided alpha degree of 0.05.