These complaints might be dismissed as growing pains, born of resistance to change. But transitional chaos should be distinguished from enduring damage. Even so, the researchers found exceptional EHR-induced distress. It is eminently quantifiable and yet stubbornly not. The purpose of widespread EHR adoption, as envisioned by the National government in 2008, was allowing a changeover from volume-based to value-based payments: an electronic infrastructure was needed for measuring quality. At the right time, however, less than 17 percent of physician procedures were using EHRs, and their systems often lacked necessary data-capture capabilities.Other activities you can do that may help with menstrual cramps include: regular exercise heating system pads on your own lower abdomen meditation or relaxation Talk to your doctor if these solutions don’t work for you, especially if your period is keeping you from likely to school or participating in stuff you want to do, like activities and sports. How Much Bleeding Is Too Much? Menstrual flow can seem like a lot, but usually isn’t.