A live phone answering service will allow your customers to have their calls answered even during busy times or when no one is available in the office. The answering service can answer calls during a meeting, while everyone is at lunch or after hours.

The benefit of a live phone answering service is that there will always be a live person to take the customer’s call as opposed to voicemail or an automated service. Most people do not like to talk to a machine whether it is an automated system or voicemail. It can result in a loss of business. Hiring an employee to take after hour’s calls can be an expensive endeavor. The answering service can take messages and call an on-call-employee if the need arises.

The answering service can also be set up to take an overflow of calls. In a small office setting, if all lines are busy, instead of going to voicemail the caller will go to the live answering service. It will be seamless to the customer that they are talking to an answering service. The live answering service becomes the staff of the company and can answer basic questions and do basic tasks.

A live answering service can answer calls at many different levels. In most cases the calls are answered by qualified personnel in a call center. When it is not convenient to answer calls they can be automatically forwarded to the live phone answering service. An operator will answer the phone with a customized greeting. The answering service can also schedule appointments and deliver messages in real time. Services are customizable to fit the needs of the client.

In a time that businesses are very competitive and customer service needs are at an all-time high, it gives the company a competitive edge to use a live answering service. Customers will not have to talk to a machine or feel like they are playing “telephone tag”. People have a need to talk to another person and not a machine. Using a live answering service can save company money in the long run.