200 new therapies are being created for prostate cancer The Prostate Cancer Base has announced that a lot more than 200 new therapies are being developed for prostate cancer, many by researchers supported by the PCF. Substantially more prostate tumor therapies are in later stages of clinical advancement than ever before. There are now 10 new prostate tumor therapies in Phase III clinical trials in comparison to only four in 1997. Even more dramatically, 90 new treatments are in Phase II clinical trials currently, compared with only 31 in 1997. Information concerning prostate cancer therapies in clinical advancement is now offered by the PCF’s Prostate Malignancy Therapeutics Resource Center .In addition, on Monday data attained using the new ion supply will be offered during an exhibitor workshop, August 11th at 9:30 AM in Moscone room 206. All ACS locals and attendees are welcome to attend. About Advion, Inc. Advion develops, manufactures and globally supports mass spectrometers, chip-based ion sources, microfluidic circulation chemistry systems and consumables for life science and related sectors. We seek to enhance analysis functionality and workflows. Using our deep scientific and engineering understanding of mass microfludics and spectrometry, we leverage our passionate workers’ commitment to create quality, fit-for-purpose and flexible solutions. More about Advion, Inc. Are available on our website.

Academic life brings knowledge and weight gain! According to a recently released study students can look forward to more than simply gaining knowledge when they go to college; they will it appears also, gain as much as 15 pounds or more in that first semester.