The contrast between adults and infants may be due to differences within their immune systems, along with other factors, the scholarly study authors suggested. The new findings highlight the need for hospitals to improve their infection-prevention protocols to screen for non-resistant strains of bacteria, the researchers said. Each year, around 5,000 newborns in the United States develop invasive staph infections. However, the researchers emphasized that invasive infections with either MSSA or MRSA remain extremely rare. ‘We have produced strides toward detecting drug-resistant organisms and lowering their spread.Results Study Topics Recruitment in the ERSPC trial was completed by 2003 in the centers that were included in the mortality evaluation, and hence, the amount of topics remained almost unchanged since the first mortality analysis1 . During the 2 extra years of follow-up, screening continued in holland, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, and France but was discontinued after three screening rounds in Belgium, Finland, and Spain . Test Results and Incidence of Prostate Tumor In the core age group, 136,689 screening tests were performed .