This type of discrimination predicated on looks and age is one of the primary reasons why young men and females who are late within their past due 20s to mid-30s opt for plastic surgery more regularly to fix good lines and sagging epidermis. People in this generation chose liposuction to obtain the body that they like also. 4. Most popular method among men is liposuction Men are simply as concerned about their looks as ladies. Probably the most well-known surgeries that they opt for is liposuction, accompanied by rhinoplasty , breasts reduction and face lifts.He worried that her family and others at the lake would discover what he noticed when he appeared in the mirror — a scrawny excuse for a man. Al hadn’t attended the pool in more than a year because he was so self-conscious about his appearance. THE REALITY About Guys Many people think about guys to be carefree when it comes to their appearance. However the reality is that a complete lot of guys spend plenty of time before the mirror.