Akebia completes enrollment in ongoing 200-patient Stage 2b research of AKB-6548 Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. AKB-6548, a once-daily, oral investigational therapy, is designed to attain a coordinated and natural increase in red blood cell production and iron utilization that is like the body's adaptive response to hypoxia, or low oxygen levels, caused by modest boosts in altitude. AKB-6548 functions by inhibiting the hypoxia-inducible aspect prolyl hydroxylase enzyme, leading to stabilization and increased levels of HIF, the principal regulator of this response to hypoxia.Allergists have specialized schooling to determine what triggers a patient’s asthma and help control their disease to avoid severe complications. Working in partnership with an allergist, having an action strategy, recognizing the triggers and early warning indicators of an impending strike, and utilizing a peak movement meter to identify the amount of bronchial obstruction, can all contribute to a decrease in the severe nature and frequency of attacks.. Alliance for Wellness Reform to brief reporters on the hurdles to a meaningful wellness reform bill The next media event was announced today by the Alliance for Health Reform: WHEN: Thursday, 3 September, 12:15 to at least one 1:30 p.m.