21 percent of overweight people polled actually believe they are a healthy weight It is easy to become deluded about the state of your wellbeing when you look around and nearly everyone is in the same situation. People have a tendency to benchmark themselves against the ‘normal’, and with obesity increasing in many elements of the world, somebody who is just a little overweight can easily convince himself he is perfectly healthy get more information . This is what many people are informing themselves, and fresh research shows that Britons are the most delusional.

‘By any rational assessment, the continued criminalization of cannabis is a disproportionate open public plan response to behavior that’s, at worst, a general public wellness concern,’ Armentano said. ‘Nonetheless it shouldn’t be a criminal justice matter. These findings do little to change this known fact.’ Because of this government-funded study, Hasin and her colleagues used government data in drug and alcohol use from 2001-2002 and 2012-2013. The researchers found that the prevalence of marijuana use reached 9.5 % of adults in 2012-2013, from 4 % in 2001-2002 up.