NABP will consider these materials to make sure compliance with program standards. Note that, as part of the application process, this content of the proposed website must be designed for review by NABP. NABP is usually establishing a network of international regulatory groupings to facilitate evaluation of international domain name applications. Once accepted, applicants can register the domain name via an approved registrar. Of the thousands of sites selling prescription medications online, NABP has examined over 10,900 and discovered that nearly 97 percent do not stick to pharmacy laws and specifications established to safeguard the public health. NABP shall grant use of the .pharmacy domain only to legitimate website operators that stick to pharmacy laws in the jurisdictions where they are based and where their patients and customers reside, in order that consumers can find safe online pharmacies very easily.Yesterday released the Australians Deserve to Age Well marketing campaign The coalition, to get an overhaul of a operational system that may need to support 3.5 million Australians by 2050. That represents a far more than threefold increase on the existing load, stated Ian Yates, Council of the Ageing chief. The coalition, which includes the Australian Healthcare & Medical center Association and the ongoing health Services Union, will also ask Australians to talk about the challenges they have observed in the system.