Kevin M. Slawin, Rana A K Singh, Michael Barry, Jianghong Jiang, and Weitao Tune, all of BCM.. Activate dendritic cells start biological clock A molecule specially modified by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine may reset the biological clock for cancer vaccines, producing them more potent potentially. In a report that appears in Nature Medicine online, Dr. David Spencer and co-workers describe their method of delaying the time at which important dendritic cells are activated by the immune system. This prolongs the right time where the malignancy vaccines can undertake their task, he said. Dendritic cells are essential because they present to the immune system the proteins or antigens that cause the immune system to go into action.The report ‘also demands anti-discrimination laws to be enacted across the region in relation to sexual orientation and transgender status’ . World Bank Report Looks At How Discrimination Of Sex Employees, IDUs Is normally Fueling HIV/AIDS In S. ‘Despite prevention and additional efforts to lessen high-risk behaviours such as unprotected sex, selling and buying of sex, and injecting drug use, HIV risk and vulnerability stay high, says the survey by a united group from the International Centre for Research on Ladies and the World Lender,’ the newspaper writes . ‘Stigmatizing attitudes in the overall inhabitants and discriminatory treatment by health providers and local officials, among others, intensify the marginalization of vulnerable organizations at highest risk, driving them from the reach of health solutions and desperately needed avoidance further, treatment, treatment, and support services.