A lot more than 70 strains of the modern nightmare bacteria have already been identified since 1997, including E. Klebsiella and coli pneumoniae, and a mortality is had by these infections rate higher than 40 %. Multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, described by the CDC as a serious public health threat, is also a common cause of healthcare-associated infections including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, urinary system infections and surgical site infections. Of 6,700 infections reported by the CDC in 2013, 440 led to the loss of life of the patient.reviews that Advaxis, Inc. provides been added as the most recent member of the Mentor Capital Cancer Immunotherapy Index. Much like all Index companies, some of Advaxis shares will be purchased and included in the Mentor Capital portfolio for monitoring. Cancer tumor Immunotherapy Index creator and Mentor Capital CEO Chester Billingsley notes that only the historic Advaxis involvement in infectious disease and allergic syndromes delayed the sooner inclusion of Advaxis into Mentor’s cancer-only concentrated Index. We at Advaxis are delighted to be part of this closely watched group of truly innovative biotech firms.