The standard lifetime risk to develop Parkinson’s disease for men and women combined is certainly 1.7 %.. Allergic rhinitis from the development of Parkinson’s disease Researchers from Mayo Clinic can see that allergic rhinitis is linked to the development of Parkinson’s disease later in lifestyle. Results will be published in the Aug. 8 problem of the journal Neurology. The association with Parkinson’s disease is usually increased to almost three times that of somebody who does not have allergic rhinitis, says James Bower, M.D., Mayo Clinic neurologist and business lead study investigator.The current study showed that depressive symptoms were followed by elevations in anxious symptoms for a subset of youth who experienced mothers with a brief history of panic, reported low family romantic relationship quality, or had a more negative attributional style, the authors reported. Furthermore, at-risk youth are likely to have more than among these vulnerability factors. Even more research is required to examine the way the various risk elements work together in the cumulative or interactive method, the authors said. The authors suggested that early prevention efforts could be effective for depressed kids when the risk factors are present.