And recently, Brazilian farmers have reported that GMO corn is usually no longer resistant to pests. 2) GMOs are killing off our pollinators. GMO proponents argue that, without biotechnology, the global world would starve. But weedkillers and other chemicals put on GMOs are eliminating off bees, butterflies and additional pollinators that are essential in the production of one-third of the world’s food crops. Based on the latest data, honeybees, which are in charge of 80 % of the pollinating duties roughly, are dying off for a price of 30 % each year.Jeffrey Ebersole, ‘Biomedical research has a background of bipartisan support, because policymakers have lengthy identified that investments today are a lot more than recouped and essential for continued innovation.’.. AHF applauds Gilead for supplying pricing, gain access to concessions to AIDS Medication Assistance Programs Gilead Joins Abbott, Merck, Tibotec, ViiV Health care and other AIDS medication companies in giving concessions to hard-strike AIDS Drug Assistance Programs which will increase patient access to lifesaving AIDS medications AIDS Healthcare Foundation lauded Gilead Sciences, maker of several key AIDS drugs, for its announcement earlier today that it’ll offer significant pricing and gain access to concessions for the country’s beleaguered AIDS Medication Assistance Programs , the funded federally, state run programs that supply lifesaving AIDS medications to low-income Americans in need.