Smith worked with lead author Maciej Boni of Resources for the Future and Princeton University, and Ramanan Laxminarayan, also with RFF, to mathematical models assessing the strategic effectiveness and clinical outcomes with one, artemisinin combinatione drug therapies create malaria in a population to be treated over a 20 – year period. Their results show that the use of two or three drugs simultaneously reduces the total cost clinical cases and number of failed treatments, and slowed the rate spread with the drug-resistant genes in the malaria malaria: falciparum, P. Malariae, and P levitra . ‘the models show that we slow down the evolution of resistance to current artemisinin-based therapies if nations use them in combination with two or more partner drugs,’Smith said. ‘Currently, most countries do not do this. Use one therapy at a time, do not wait, and then switch to a different treatment. ‘.

Delay Evolution Of Drug Resistance In Malaria Parasite Possible – StudyThere is no magic bullet for the malaria eradication, but a new study provides strong support for a method that effectively retards the development of resistance in malaria parasites, the University of Florida researcher says.

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