The African Union shouldn’t only become known for peacekeeping and observing elections, it should also value women and children’s lives, she said. Before the producing of the national budget, all ministries meet and propose their budgets. Whenever we reconcile to 100 percent, we uncover the money isn’t enough. Regarding to Opio, the federal government allocated about 260 billion shillings or about $115 million for maternal and reproductive health in the 2010/2011 budget .Water Aerobic Shoes A good pair of water aerobic sneakers should also conform to the form of the feet as well as provide sufficient safety for all sorts of water workouts, and even for the health of scratchy surfaces. Another helpful feature that a pair of water aerobic sneakers should have is that they offer the user with buoyancy to the drinking water fitness workout thus escalating drag to tone the muscle tissues and really should also be impact-free. Whatever type of water aerobic shoes one goes in for they should be breathable and for this they should be manufactured from single layer atmosphere mesh uppers that should facilitate drying, even though under cool conditions.