The left more subtle bias in attention in healthy people probably to do with asymmetries in the wiring of the brain attention in the two hemispheres, the new finding in birds provides some insight into how and why this might be.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, while some tasks people tend to devote more visual attention to the left side of the visual world than the right side, a phenomenon known as pseudoneglect. Researchers now report that pseudoneglect not limited to humans, reflecting by birds by birds, suggesting not only that brain structures necessary role necessary role pseudoneglect may actually not essential for this phenomenon, but also that pseudoneglect may evolutionary adaptations animals animals intended to devote the attention to various aspects of their environment. University of Padova, Italy;, – The results are in the 24th May issue of Current Biology by Bettina Diekamp and colleagues at the Ruhr University, Germany reported and the University of Trieste, Italy..– The No significant differences of report from racial / ethnic group and carried of poverty state for dTap or of meningococcal conjugate vaccine, and.

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